Rob Schneider Music Celebrates 15 Years-

rob schneiderYear End All-District Band Spectacular was in South San Francisco on Tuesday night.

In 1997, the Pacifica School District, faced with massive budget concerns, entirely eliminated its music program.  That year, the Rob Schneider Music Foundation was created.

This non-profit organization offered all Pacifica School District students from 6th to 8th grades the opportunity to spark their creativity and find a love for music in the same way Pacifica-native Schneider had.  The program received several annual donations from the actor and stand-up comedian, and raised money in order to purchase instruments, hire music teachers and subsidize music scholarships.

Tuesday evening a celebration took place at South San Francisco High School.  Over 200 guests were present, not including hundreds of students there to perform.  To no one’s surprise, the VIP most talked about was Schneider himself.

“I did see some reserved seats over there,” said Julie Fischer, who did not believe the seats were for Schneider.

“He walked right by us,” said volunteers at the event.

The All-District Beginning Concert Band, the Cabrillo/Vallemar Snazzy-Jazzy Jazz Band, All-District Concert Band, the Ingrid B.Lacy Marching Band Drum Line and the All-District Symphonic Band each took turns playing several different pieces.

Students talented in several instruments then soloed, singing, and playing instruments such as the flute and the saxophone. There were more than one standing ovation at the event.

Schneider and several of his family members were recognized by the school district. His mother, Pilar Schneider, is president of the Foundation, John Schneider is vice president, and April Schneider is secretary. Financial Director John Zugar, and John Bentley were also recognized.

Although the Foundation will no longer be funded by Schneider next year,the celebrity shared some words of wisdom with the children.

“I once sat where you are sitting, and it was music that inspired me.”

He expressed his passion for music, and encouraged the children to use music to convey a message.

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