Foundation Introduces First Annual Fun Run-

The Pacifica Education Foundation, along with volunteers and supporters, raising nearly $20,000 on Sunday morning.

Starting at 9 a.m. this morning, children, families and volunteers met at San Pedro Valley Park in Pacifica. Three runs were scheduled to take off: the hazelnut challenge, the 5k run, and the family fun walk.

Waiting at the finish line were Pacifica Education Foundation Volunteers, parents along with sponsors. There was food, ice cream, face painting, and even a massage booth provided by Ocean Yoga.

The goal was to raise $12,000 in registration fees.

“In the end, we have reached approximately $20,000 in funds,” said Lisa Bauer, President of Pacifica Education Foundation.

The Pacifica Education Foundation, along with its volunteers, have been planning this event since March of 2010.

“We were contacted regarding the event and knew we wanted to be involved,” said Kalihma Salahvdin of Saving Pacifica Schools.

Chas Howett, a runner and volunteer at the event, is credited for coming up with the idea of a run as a fundraiser.

“We began with the idea of it being a triathlon,” said Chas.

Chas was not only excited to have volunteered and worked so hard on the event; he was also a proud parent. His son, Zach, had one first-place for one of the races.

Leaders of the foundation, volunteers, and families were very excited with the outcome of the event.

“I think this is great, everyone should be involved,” said Marina, one of the many children to participate in the event. She also took home a first-place ribbon.

The Pacifica Education Foundation has more plans for the fall; this Fun Run was just the beginning of many more events to come.

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