Museum of Ice Cream 🍦?! Sweeet! 😋

Museum of Ice Cream 🍦?! Sweeet! 😋

Clearly, I’ve had my fair share of experiences visiting really cool and historical museums. Like, The Louvre, MoMA, El Museo del Prado…to name a few. But when I heard there was a museum known for its rainbow-colored rooms and ice cream treats (all super ‘grammable), I knew it was one I could not pass by and had to try for myself, literally.

Last month and after a few days and maybe weeks of having opened its doors in San Francisco, I had the opportunity to check out The Museum of Ice Cream for myself. Scroll for a look (at your own risk), I promise it’s as sweet as it sounds!


Photos by @Friday.Funday & @whereswendelle.


New City, New Me?

New City, New <b>Me</b>?

New city, new me…how cliché of me (hence the question mark). But yes, new city, that one’s true. For those of you who know me or those friends who share my IG Stories and Snap adventures with me, you’ve probably witnessed some of my transition, if not all. For everyone else, last year I made a choice of moving back to the good ol’ bay, the city I once lived in back in my “heeeey” day (like how I did that?). So, shortly after celebrating my four years in Los Angeles, I was on my way to San Francisco.

Now, back to the new me part…there’s no newness to me really but it feels that way sometimes. Returning to a city I had done a lot of growing in, coming back around this time, things felt new and better. This could also have to do with the fact that I am returning as a grown woman (sorta)…29, almost and this time around I’m no college sorority girl living wild & free…(for the most part). You know when you get to a point in your life and you start reflecting… like, “what was I thinking back then?” and then you begin loving and accepting yourself for who you truly are and are actually thankful for the bumps you’ve encountered? Yah, that’s sorta where I am now. I feel new…

Now, a resident of San Francisco and a sorta grown woman…I sit at a café, the one down the street from my apartment. Laptop open, coffee by my side and I sit and think…what am I really getting to? What has really made me change? Where am I at now (mentally and emotionally)? After a few minutes of pacing back and forth and a lot of latte sipping, I listed some of the answers below. What have I learned so far, in my 20s and what will I take with me to my 30s? Here we go…

1. No one will love you enough…

“Geeze, way to set the tone!” Right?…but no, really. No one will ever love you enough, only you can do that for you. Additional love is always welcome and will only bring more love and joy to you, but it all starts from within. I learned this one a few years back, I was single. It took a lot of soul searching and heart break to get this one, to fully understand. Now, happy in love…I can only say it’s 100% true.

2. Nope, you’re not where you want to be…that is OK.

After a career change a few years back, I felt that I needed to start up again and it felt quite frustrating. “If I had stuck it out, I’d probably be a whole lot more successful than I am today”…I would tell myself. While that could be true, I know 100% that I would not be happier. Things change, passions change, you always have to follow your heart and listen to your gut… things will eventually play out the way you never thought they would, just trust. 😉

3. Traveling really is everything!

I think it has to do with the fact that I am the daughter of two very hardworking immigrants, but for a very long time, I thought work was all I needed to do and invest my time in. Travel was always something I wanted to do but never saw it as a priority…after taking a few trips here and there and big ones across seas; I’ve begun to see life very differently. I’ve felt the happiest (no pair of gucci’s can give you that). It’s motivated me and given life a different meaning…more living, more to share.

4. It all comes from within…

This one is a lot like number 1…but there’s gotta be a lot of emphasis on this one, it’s important. I’ve been investing a lot of my time and efforts to eating clean, balancing things out, and working out consistently. The moment I stop or I make a bad choice, it all comes tumbling down…it’s simple. Start taking care of yourself, for real… you’ll see everything start working out.

5. You never ever stop learning and growing!

I come across this one every so often… I do a lot of self-growth and entrepreneurial reading. After reading it so many times, I  began to actually pay attention to what it meant and how it affected me. I took notes, I opened up my mind a little, at work and with relationships…a little reminder never hurt anyone. Take a moment to stop and listen.

As I take the last sip of my latte and a last glance at my blog…I feel some sort of relief. I missed blogging, I missed sharing, reflecting, and writing it all down. As I settle in my new city and make it home again, I want to share even more. Stay tuned, I promise…there will be so much more.

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Questions, comments? Show me some love in the comments or shoot me a tweet, @Joanna_Renteria. XOXO

Photography by: Sindoora Satyavada

I Don’t Know How to Cook, Let’s Cozymeal

I Don’t Know How to Cook, Let’s <i>Cozymeal</i>

Alright, so I do know how to cook a bit… more like, basic stuff. Salads, sandwiches, quinoa, spaghetti, fish tacos, I got you!

What I don’t know how to cook is… pretty much everything else.

I’m not brave enough to cook for anyone else, especially not my boyfriend who is actually the biggest foodie I know. So, instead of embarrassing myself trying to impress him with my yummy avocado sandwich or my quinoa salad, I decided to surprise him with a Cozymeal date. This way, he and I could learn to cook a few dishes together (phew, not so embarrassing anymore).

I set the date, picked the course and chef, and mentioned that a surprise was in store for him. Although a surprise was also in store for me (nervous).

The date came and it was time for us to head over to our Classic French Dinner cooking class with Chef Alejandra. 

Before I mention what we actually did, can I just add that Cozymeal was the easiest and most modern way of scheduling a  cooking class. You basically visit their site, check out reviews, browse through dozens of courses and chefs (in your area), and book. If you’re a vegetarian or a pescatarian (like me), you can let the chef know ahead of time.

Back to the class. We arrived at our destination where three other couples joined us in what felt like “Paris” (w/French accent).

I think it’s safe to say that my boyfriend led us in the cooking aspect of the class. I led in drinking wine and taking pictures.

Cozymeal 5

Now, what exactly was on the menu?


French onion soup


Roasted ling cod, ratatouille, provençal tomatoes


Bourbon vanilla crème brûlée

Valentine’s Day is coming up and although classes might already be booked for those dates, a Cozymeal gift is always an option.

Bon appétit!

Pictures of our experience below. ❤️❤️❤️

French onion soup
French onion soup
Roasted ling cod, ratatouille, provençal tomatoes
Roasted ling cod, ratatouille, provençal tomatoes
Bourbon vanilla crème brûlée
Bourbon vanilla crème brûlée