Products Getting Me Through Summer 💋

Products Getting Me Through <b>Summer</b> 💋

Product and beauty must-haves; not something I usually write about or choose to share. Not that I’m greedy or anything, I just always figured we were all on the same page. Like, I’m sure we’re all stumbling upon the same product ads, influencer posts, googling the same thing.

Like…”Best bronzing cream 2017″

Maybe or maybe not? Either way, I am currently obsessing over three products that I’d feel too greedy if I didn’t share, because they really are THE BOMB (me trying to bring lingo back). Proven to be amazing not only by me but my sisters and some of my savviest friends; I really feel like these three were my summer must-haves.

Signorina In Fiore by Salvatore Ferragamo

Can I just say that perfumes speak louder than words & Ferragamo’s Signorina in Fiore speaks soft, sweet words of elegance and romance. From the pink packaging to the beautifully decorated bottle, the moment I got a taste of the fruity Italian scent, I knew it’d be my summer go-to. To be completely honest, I like to save this one for special occasions…that’s how special it is. 

Maui Babe Browning Lotion

…you are the reason I reached my darkest color this summer (sun helped too). I swear I don’t recall a tint of red on my skin & I really do think I owe it to the natural ingredients protecting and bronzing me. Light mineral oil, Kona Coffee Plant Extract, Aloe, Kukui Nut Oil to name a few. It’s recommended that you use an SPF with and an after lotion to keep extra moisturized; I went with Maui Babe’s line of products and they all worked wonderfully.

Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+

Before coming across this tinted moisturizer, I was giving Laura Mercier’s a go! Not enough coverage & not enough SPF, I was a bit disappointed until I was introduced to an alternative. Thank you, thank you, thank you Sephora! I made it through a summer vacation in Europe without having to wear too much makeup, no burn or breakout in sight (sensitive skin), all thanks to the great coverage & SPF this tinted moisturizer has to offer.

Now, I wouldn’t be reviewing or recommending anything that was too good to be true. All three faves can be purchased for reasonable prices & are a total steal. While I was gifted the Salvatore Ferragamo perfume bottle, all opinions are my own & recs are 100 in my words and true.

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When Ferragamo and I Became One 🌹 [REVIEW]

When <b>Ferragamo</b> and I Became One 🌹 <i>[REVIEW]</i>

Not too long ago did I learn that one signature perfume is *cute to have, but not the way fragrances work.

You know what I mean…

Girlfriend: Oh, you smell so good! What is that? 

Me/you: Narciso Rodriguez, it’s going to be my 2016 fragrance. 

[walk away as if you’re the sweetest smelling thing on this earth] 

With seasons come fragrances and with outings come sazz.

Salvatore Ferragamo recently (February) released Signorina Misteriosa, and if you know what misteriosa means, then you get an idea as to what the scent is like.

Misteriosa = Mysterious

Signorina Misteriosa

The packaging for this fragrance is sexy, it instantly made me think of nighttime. It’s a daring fragrance with sweet scents of wild blackberry and orange blossom. There’s a hint of neroli, but it’s the black vanilla mousse that leaves a lasting impression.

Just think of it as your go-to fragrance for date night. LBD & sweet but sassy perfume.

Now, for a daytime and maybe a summer fragrance, Ferragamo also released (March) Emozione Dolce Fiore. Just imagine a scent for your day-to-day activities. It’s sweet but more lively with juicy bergamot, grapefruit and white peach. The addition of rose buds and peony make it girly, just enough. The packaging goes perfect with the fragrance; classy, girly, with a touch of life.

Emozione Dolce Fiore

So, for spring and maybe some summer, I’m doing Emozione Dolce Fiore during the day and sweetening it up with Signorina Misteriosa when I’m feeling like seducing my bae. (that rhymes ☺️❤️)

How much?

Signorina Misteriosa - Range


Signorina Misteriosa – 1.0 oz, 1.7 oz, 3.4 oz for $65.00, $87.00, $109.00

Emozione Range Dolce Fiore TQ

Emozione Dolce Fiore – 1.02 oz, 3.1 oz for $79.00, $99.00

Special thanks to Beaute Prestige International for bringing some Ferragamo into my life.