Make It Happen With a Vision Board! Here’s How…

Make It Happen With a Vision Board! Here’s How…

Alright y’all, it’s 2018! And while some of us might have gotten a head start on resolutions and goals for the new year, there are others (like me) who like to take a moment to reflect a bit before getting to it and putting the energy out there. Vision boards, I know you’ve heard them mentioned. They’re my go-to! And as someone who’s been doing them religiously throughout the years, I thought I’d share on their importance and just how fun, easy, and therapeutical the entire process all is.

First things first, there’s no big secret to making vision boards work. Like consistency is important in staying fit or losing weight, the same applies to vision boards. You have to believe in what you’re making and wishing & you have to remind yourself of it daily. Visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do & with a vision board in sight, you’re reminding yourself of what you want to attain…it’s as simple as that.

So, here’s how to get started:

1. What’s on your mind?

Let’s get deep for a moment. Think about what it is you want and how you want that to make you feel. Forget about anything material for now & think about what having those objects will mean to you. For example, traveling will bring about curiosity, growth, and challenge. Now, you try.

2. Get your supplies together

The good thing about this little exercise/project, is that you get to recycle a bunch of old magazines. Very little is required for you to purchase. You’ll need: scissors, tape or glue stick, poster board, magazines, and photos (optional). 

3. Get to ✂️ & focus!

Set the mood. Get some candles going and put your fave beats on. Focus on the goals we mentioned earlier and start cutting out some words, pictures, colors etc. 

4. Envision it

Envision what it is you want and how you want it to look like. Take your time & put it all together. This will be going up and others will see it, so make it pretty!

5. Remind yourself daily  

Now, for this to really work, you have to put it up somewhere you’ll be able to see it often.  I like to put mine up on my fridge door or my desk. Have a dresser? That’s another good option. 

Yay! Vision board’s all done. Now remember, you can always change it up when things are feeling old or already accomplished. Fun fact: the first board I ever made had a theme to it; I was looking for a serious relationship at the time & so mine was a little more along the lines of love, romance, and men. Few years later & I’m happily engaged to the man I envisioned. He’s my bestie and everything I wished for. 😉

❤️XOXO, Jo