“Why Bilinguals Are Smarter”….

Have I ever looked at bilingualism as a disadvantage? Have I ever seen it as a bag thing? Have I ever thought, “I rather know ONE language and dominate that language 100%”!?! The answer to all these questions is…YES!!! I have. I did but I don’t anymore and reading articles such as, “Why Bilinguals are smarter” by GRAY MATTER gives me all the confidence in knowing not one, but TWO languages! Anyone who knows more than one language should read this article and whoever is monolingual but has considered learning another language should also read this article.

Bilingualism…”isn’t so much a handicap as a blessing in disguise.” states Matter.

Also, it is NEVER to late to learn another language! Although it is a daily struggle knowing two languages and trying to dominate them equally, ONE DAY I want to pursue learning a third. French possibly? Until then Au Revoir! And READ THIS ARTICLE:


p.s. thanks mom for sharing this article with me!