Latinos in the newsroom….statistics!

On this week’s long list of readings that I had to complete was Mercedes De Uriarte’s, “A problematic press: Latinos and the News”. In this twenty page chapter, De Uriarte includes some findings from a 1967 study (the most sweeping examination of race relations ever provided for the government) in relation to Journalism…

“In 1967, when the Kerner commission Investigates, it found that 1% of all journalists were black, mostly working for the black press. No other minorities were reported

“The 2002 ASNE Newsroom Employment Census figures show 12.07% minority participation: 54,400 whites and 6,600 minorities. 2,984 blacks, 2,068 Latinos, 1.321 Asian Americans and 292 American Indians”

After having completed this reading, I googled with hopes of finding the most recent studies completed, regarding minorities in the newsroom…no luck!

Still, this chapter motivated me to share this with other fellow Journalists as well as to keep pursuing my career in news. Let’s keep these numbers rising!?!