La cultura/ Culture in GDL

Culture is NEVER-ENDING in the city of Guadalajara! One thing I have enjoyed the most about living in Guadalajara is learning about my roots and experiencing them first-hand. To start off, this city is full of OLD and I mean OLD architecture. Beautiful and very well maintained buildings, structures, monuments. Before coming to Mexico I knew I’d get to experience some of the city’s beauty but I didn’t expect to learn so much. I am currently working as a reporter for a cultural program called, “Elementos”. The program which airs daily reports back to not only the people of Guadalajara but the people of Mexico and Spain of the current cultural events going on in the city. So thanks to this opportunity, I have learned what Christmas is all about in Mexico (very different from the United States). I have learned all about the “nacimiento”, I have reported on the biggest and most extravegant ones. I have gone to a “tianguis navideños” and learned all about the christmas decorations and what each means. Like the “flor de nochebuena” a flower from Mexico which is now used worldwide as a flower representing Christmas. I have also gone to el Teatro Degollado, Ex Convento del Carmen, Museo de Periodismo, Hospicio Cabañas, Municipio de Cabañas, Casa Rombo….and these are just some of the few historical building’s and museums which I’ve visited.

If you have never been to Guadalajara it is HIGHLY recommended, TRUST ME! There is something going on every day and you will never stop learning…all these places usually host free events, and they also love to welcome you with drinks and h’orderves. Here are some pictures which I’ve taken along my journey!