How My Latino Family Does Christmas Differently

I can relate to this write-up on so many levels. Christmas isn’t the ONLY holiday that is different, try NYE. I’ve never had that experience of counting down with my “besties”, introducing a new year, because I’ve always done it with my family… around a dinner table where once 12 o clock strikes, we exchange hugs and kisses and eat a whole lot of grapes. 

How My Latino Family Does Christmas Differently

By: Vanessa Bell

Something happened the December my Cuban parents divorced and my dad remarried a white, American woman. The holidays, which had always been celebrated in the Latino tradition, began to take on dual-personalities, teetering towards the American version of stockings and casseroles that I had seen on television. As we were ushered from Noche Buena to Christmas morning, exhausted from staying up past midnight to open presents and attend mass, it felt like the only things keeping everything together were my brother and I.

It was obvious to me that my Latino and American families did things differently – especially Christmas.

The whole thing…