Agenda del Suicidio by Pablo Raphael

Yesterday I got the chance to interview Pablo Raphael, a Mexican writer who has now become one of my Idols! The interview was regarding “Agenda del Suicidio” a book whch was just released and his reason for being in Guadalajara…  because I had read about him prior to the interview, I got excited and was anxious to meet this man. Today I will begin reading his novel, one which he gave me (THANK YOU)! I got a chance to skim through the pages and found words such as, “el cuerpo de una mujer flotando en un rio” and “un incendio en alta mar”, words which I would describe as VISUAL. From just reading a few sentences of this 97 page book, I was able to picture it so clearly in my head. My interview with Pablo Raphael was supposed to last a short 15 minutes but unfortunately for the cameraman, I got so hooked into knowing everything about him, about his motivation for writing, about the DETAILS on this creation, that our interview lasted uuhmm.. 45 minutes!  I conclude this short summary by inviting you watch a clip I found on youtube which was created to promote his book. Also, buy the book! You can find it in a store near you or via amazon 🙂 !