A SOCCER tragedy in México!

If there are two things people in Mexico are most passionate about, that’d be religion (91% of them being Catholic) and of course, soccer! Which I’d say, 99.9% of people follow…. Ok, I’m exaggerating a little bit BUT soccer is a huge deal in Mexico and especially in Jalisco. Having parent’s native of towns near Guadalajara, I was born to be nothing else but a CHIVA…by that I mean, a fan of the Chivas of Guadalajara. Also known as the most popular team in Mexico!

So although Mexico is currently living a drug-war, presidential elections are going on, economy continues to be at crisis…. news headlines read, “Que alguien pare esta tragedia” and “la crisis de las chivas ralladas”. AGAIN, a tad bit of an exaggeration…But still, the fact that the Chivas playing in the “Clausura de 2012” tournament, currently have no wins, are at the BOTTOM of the list and have more losses than ever seen before is a huge deal and is killing the die-hard chivas fans! With a new Technical Director, Ignacio Ambriz and without the famous “Chicharito” (who is now playing for Manchester United), there is very little hope for this team. And just to prove to you how serious this is, I’ll share some links… (IN SPANISH)