A moment of realization…

I was sitting in Sunday mass when the priest directed the attention towards my grandparents. A couple, who after 65 years of marriage was still together. They sure passed on the family name, Renteria. I, at the age of 22 am one of the 101 with this Renteria blood. The priest announced that Marina and Fortunato Renteria had “9 children, 38 grandchildren, 52 great-grandchildren and 2 great great grandchildren”… I thought to myself “OMG” when you put it like that I come from a HUGE family. And because of my culture, ethnicity and traditions, every single one of those family members are indeed FAMILY.

After mass I sat down with my older sister and discussed some facts over a cup of coffee… The facts were that a day before this mass and this ceremony, I had spent the entire day along with my closest family members at San Francisco State University’s Graduation Ceremony. My name was amongst the hundredths in that red pamphlet titled, “2011 SFSU Commencement”….another name within the hundredths was my older cousin’s Orlando de la Cruz Renteria. Another fact, my cousin was the FIRST in the family Renteria to receive his Masters degree.

Coming from a family whose grandparents, uncles and aunts came to the United States with the Bracero program, who lived amongst the struggles of the agricultores and the Cesar Chavez rallies, you can say this is a huge accomplishment. Politics are politics, facts are facts. Latinos are still a minority but my cousin is indeed far from that. He is one of a very small percentage to actually continue school and graduate with a Masters in education. My sister will be next. In the spring of 2012, my older sister will be the second in our extended family to receive her Masters in Psychology.

So back to me, I at the age of 22 am the fourth in the Renteria family to receive a B.A. oh and I received two! One in Broadcast and Electronic Communication of Arts with an emphasis is Media Journalism and the second in Spanish.

I am now struggling to pursue my career as a journalist. I love writing, asking questions, meeting people and learning about others and their history. Any controversial topic, I will have something to say! I love taking pictures, videos and capturing moments. I have worked with Univsion, Channel 14 in San Francisco. It was one of the best experiences, most hands-on and giving. It was when I was given the opportunity to cover a story on my own, to ask questions, conduct interviews, record my stand up, and wrap my story all up into a video of 2-3 min that I knew that I was in the right field. I have been given the opportunity to represent Patch.com, a chain of journalist, editors, and freelancers in the Peninsula where I hope to only learn and grow as a Journalist.

I have a dream of one day being looked at as a successful Latina Journalist, to meet people I would never imagine of meeting, of reporting some of the most dangerous stories and being remembered. I hope to one day live all this and much more….