Candidates in the spotlight


I came across an interview shared on Univision news, an exclusive interview with Marco Rubio. This Hispanic, of cuban descent, is Florida’s current senator and is also part of the Republican party. I learned that Rubio who has a strong group of supporters might be the next Vice President. After watching an intense 3:15 interview conducted by Univision’s anchor, Jorge Ramos, shocking information on Rubio’s beliefs were brought to light.

I invite you all to watch the first part of the interview…

Not all Latinos/Hispanics share the same beliefs, some of us are more conservative than liberal, I get that! But what I don’t understand is how a son of immigrants can be against Laws and for Laws that go against your own people. If it wasn’t for laws that allowed undocumented immigrants to come into the United States, and work towards a better life, Marco Rubio’s family could possibly still be in Cuba. My grandparents and parents are in the United States thanks to the Bracero program and thanks to a series of work permits granted by the Democratic Party. I am thankful for that and that is why I am a Democrat.

November 6 of this year, we will once again vote for the next president, vice-president, etc.

I’ve been keeping up to date with the latest information on candidates and campaigns with the following site,

Mantente informado, y más que nada informa a los demas. A que votar por el siguiente Presidente/Vice-presidente con el cual compartimos las mismas ideas y deseos! Happy US elections 2012!