I call it “SUPER F L Y #friday”

I’ve been on a mission lately. Mission to get my a** in shape! I’ve always been somehow active, I go running at least twice a week, I hit up hiking once every two weeks… I take a dip and go swimming (been doing that a lot more lately).

Whatever it is I have been doing however, has not been consistent and has most definitely NOT BEEN ENOUGH. Based on past experiences, I see results when I’m consistent. Long story short… TRYING TO BE CONSISTENT NOW. I’m back at the gym, sigNed up for some training, got some new Nike gear, so far so good.

“SUPER F L Y #friday” because while everyone is getting ready to check out and prepare for the weekend, I want to make sure my routine is still on track and I don’t lose focus of my goals (gotta keep aiming high) & let’s be honest, these kicks are “superfly”! (and super comfortable)

Nike 1 Nike 3

Shoe: Nike LunarTempo/ Running shoe

Rate: 9/10

Light, comfortable, just enough cushion for running indoors or on pavement.