Hey Pretty Shoes, Welcome to Vegas!

A few days prior to my weekend (and last-minute) getaway to Vegas, I needed a pair of heels. When it comes to shoes, I am picky… but I am also cheap. I don’t like paying full price for almost anything, and shoes… I have to admit, I have a limit. I will usually stick to the $40-80 budget. So, I of course headed to my #1 shopping destination, ZARA and guess what?! I found these beauties on sale and in my size.

Price: $40.00 

Blue Shoes Close-up Blue Shoes Side Shot Blue Shoes full size

For a long night of dancing,

I rate these a 7.

(Level of comfort)

I was able to make it through the night and I felt fabulous, but these Zaras’ were not my most comfortable.

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