Weekend Hike

In Northern California and in the Santa Cruz County, I am surrounded by some of California’s utmost beauties. Perfect weather, with a beach breeze, I try to take full advantage of this Central Coast’s nature by going on bike rides, beach runs, and hikes!

On sunday, I along with some family members decided to try a new hike…we came across, Forest of Nisene Marks State Parks, one of the largest state parks in Central California, and also, a few miles away from home. 2,3,4  mile hike? Ok! We decided to give it a shot.

We arrived at the park around 11am, paid a parking fee of $8, gathered our hiking gear and off we went. Boy, were we in for a hike! Surrounded by trees, dirt, green, hikers, we were all in for an adventure…first hike we came across, West Ridge Trail, a six-mile hike. We all agreed we’d give it a shot, if we got too tired we’d easily,go back!

As we began our hike at approximately 11:30am, time quickly passed… sure enough, it was 1pm so we decided to take a break and have a snack.

We continued with our hike for another hour before we decided it was time to finish the hike….when we wanted to complete it, we realized that we’d completed the six-mile hike but no exit was nearby. We came across a fellow hiker, he said, “keep going, you’re almost there…3 miles more”. We all agreed and continued. I am not sure if we were given inaccurate estimations or if we simply, missed the exit, got lost? But we finally came to the end of the hike at around 4:30pm. Coming across a sign listing the different trails, we estimated our hike to be more than 8 miles long.

I’m sure the others would agree when I say, it was one of the longest and most exhausting hikes I’d ever completed.

In the end, it was also one of the most rewarding. I loved the scenery! We came across it all, banana slugs, poison oak, a swarm of bees :p I recommend the park to anyone interested in taking a hike, whether it be a mile long or eight miles, it’s a great place to get a workout in! My next goal is to try mountain biking!

Anyone interested in visiting the park, visit http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=666

They describe the parks as the following:

With over 30 miles of trails, hiking, jogging and biking are some of the activities to be enjoyed here. Picnic tables and barbecue pits are available. A trail camp is located six miles from the nearest parking lot.