To dream.

To have dreams and to chase after your dreams… is what Jesus has taught me.

Every time Jesus and I get together, it somehow has to come up… that first encounter. 

We were classmates (photojournalism, was it?) …I sat at the front of the class like the big nerd that I am, Jesus sat at the back (he was the cool kid).

One day, Jesus approached me. 

“Yo, can I get a ride?”

Just like that. I thought it was the oddest thing ever… but for some reason I said, “sure”. 

That first conversation, I told him… I want to be the next Oprah, like the Latino version though. 

Jesus replied, “Well, hello… guess you will be my competition then”. 

That’s how it’s been ever since… Jesus is working on one thing, I am working on another. Always remembering who we are, where we come from, and that we’re two very ambitious and driven bicultural latino kids. 

We’ve taken turns questioning our “mission”, questioning our “paths”… always reminding each other what we once said, and what we both promised each other, to stay true to ourselves. 

I am so thankful that Jesus asked me for that ride that one day, back in 2012. He’s inspired me to keep chasing, to rebel a bit… to create my own path, and to keep going. He’s introduced me to a new kind of living, and I am so thankful for that. 

For the past few months, Jesus toured the U.S. along with his team @superdupercrew, chasing a dream. 

The tour: