Support. To maintain (a person, family, establishment, institution, etc.) by supplying with things necessary to existence; provide for: to support a family. To sustain. To bear or hold up (a load, mass, structure, part, etc.); serve as a foundation for. To undergo or endure, especially with patience or submission; tolerate.

Straight definition of the word, Support. (from

This word has such a significant meaning to my family and myself because it is the word, which has kept all of us going…. after our dreams. Since the beginning, my parents have always promised themselves (I say this because they’ve told us millions of times) “Anything is possible and whatever you girls wish to do in life, we will support you”. Even if it is becoming a doctor/therapist, to be on television, to play a sport professionally. The reason for why they preach on with, “anything is possible” is because my parents have accomplished the so-called “impossible”.

Today, my mother and one of the most inspiring females, has her first day of school…. She is a professor at the local Community College. A quick history on my mom and her background: At the age of 20, already a teacher in Jalisco, Mexico, my mother fell in love (with my father) she left her job and family and came to the United States. They had very little when they first arrived in the states so she had no other option but do the only thing she could at the time and she worked in the fields. This lady went from being a teacher to working in the fields. Well, that only lasted a few months. As ambitious as she has always been, she began taking English classes and soon enough she was back in the classroom (daycare center that is)…. long story short, a mother of three, a working woman and a student. In 2008, my mother received her Masters degree in Human DEVELOPMENT. She has been working for PVUSD in Migrant Head Start as a coordinator for I want to say 15, 16, 17 years? A few months after receiving her Masters degree my mom was offered a position as a professor at Cabrillo College. Anyone that knows my mom knows why she would be offered such a position. She is the most intelligent woman I know. She is confident. She speaks perfect in two languages. Her experience is off the charts. I always tell her, “MOM! You have to write a book…tell people about your story!” Anytime I talk about my mother to ANYONE, they are impressed. Who wouldn’t be? So anyway, I already have the title for her book, “from the fields to the classrooms”…original? Haha. Not really. And if she doesn’t want to share her story, I promise you, I will!

Anyway, back to the word, SUPPORT. Today, this word stood out to me because besides my mom starting, yet, another semester as a professor, she has done so because of my DAD (another amazing person who’ll I’ll share about in another blog)… because not only my dad but my sisters and I have always supported her.

Now, my little sister Paola. A 3.8 student who is an overachiever and dreams of playing professional soccer one day. I see that day! Today I am working on footage from her games which I’ve gathered and which sum her up as the MVP player she is.

And last but not least, my older sister, Brenda. A happily married woman who is going after her Masters in (I’m going to keep it short) THERAPY at Santa Clara University. She already works with children and with low-income families… and she is that person who is trying to make this a better world!

This entire blog came about after I finished my daily hour-long conversation with her on the phone… She is supportive. She is genuine and loving. Together, we came to the conclusion that it all begins with SUPPORT. All your hopes and dreams…and if someone believes in you and shares genuine support with you, it makes that hope and dream that much more realistic and possible like it already has been in my family.