Step número seis

After years and years of exercise, breathing techniques were never brought to my attention until last year. Working out one on one with a trainer, he discussed the importance of breathing properly when performing all types of exercise. First thought, “uhm ok…”.

Step número seis is “breathe in, breathe out”

After getting a small lecture on breathing, I went to my computer and began my research! I learned that there are different breathing techniques and the different way I could perform them when doing cardio, lifting, swimming, yoga.

Article written by Nicole Nichols,

How to Breathe During Exercise covers the Ins and Outs to Breathing

Because reading articles without a professional approving of your breathing can get a little complex, I recommend taking a Yoga class! Yoga instructors begin classes by performing deep breaths and they walk you through breathing whenever students move into new positions.

Yes, breathing does require technique and yes, it does affect your exercise and health.

Step número seis, “breathe in, breathe out”