Step número cuatro

I recall often wanting to change the way I lived, ate, worked out, from one day to another…. drastically! When it comes down to changing a lifestyle (healthy), the worst thing we can do is want to change it overnight. That is not the way it works! In the process, I learned to take “baby steps”; step numero cuatro is, BABY STEPS.

Changing a lifestyle isn’t easy, it definitely hasn’t been for me but it is possible!

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.”
- La Rochefoucauld

Exercise is very important but eating is, if anything, MORE important. There is no such thing as “I work out so I can eat whatever I’d like”…. just because you run a few miles gives you no excuse to put junk inside your body. We must take baby steps in staying fit and eating right.

Growing up as a Mexican-American, I grew up exposed to a lot of meats, way too much salt, butter, sugar, soda! And I knew nothing about fat-free, low-fat, 2%, proteins, carbs, sodium?!

Making a lifestyle change, for me, has consisted of numerous hours on the computer, reading a book and/or speaking to a professional. I’ve learned about portions, how many times a day I’m suppose to eat, what I’m suppose to eat etc. But it has taken me a LONG time to get to where I am NOW.

The first way I approached my lifestyle change was by beginning to eliminate little things I KNEW were bad for me, and substituting them with “healthier” ones.

-NO eating out, cook!

-I eliminated coffee sweetener

-sugar (substituting it with honey)

-salt (I hardly add salt to anything I cook)

-no coke

-ENERGY DRINKS are bad bad bad!


-I don’t eat candy

-no dessert

-coffee (I drink it ONCE a day now versus 3x)

-eating fruits/veggies instead of chips and cookies

-TORTILLAS are no bueno

And these are just some of the first steps I took in changing my diet….because working out isn’t enough!