Reaching for the stars

It is an amazing thing to witness someone struggle, go through some of their roughest times, fight! …all because they are reaching for a goal!

The months of May, June, and July I will be able to witness (and already have witnessed) my aunt, my older sister, younger sister, and brother-in-law reach a goal.

My aunt, a mother of three, a full-time employee, wife, and a student received her AS from Cabrillo College a week ago. At the age she is in, and after years of struggle, years of questioning whether or not she could do it, she was the first in her family to receive a College diploma. This woman will be attending CSUMB in the fall and will begin, yet another journey, one which I have no doubt in my mind, she will accomplish.

My younger sister, graduating at the top of her class, is one of the most dedicated 17 year olds I have ever came across. School has always been her priority, soccer being second… she will be receiving her High School diploma and will soon embark a new journey, at UCSB.

My older sister has been and will always be the person I look up to the most. She is one of the most caring, loving, dedicated persons that I know. This woman has for the past three years dedicated her time to being a graduate student, a full-time employee, a wife and a sister. And after questioning whether or not she could accomplish it, in a week, my family and I will head out to Santa Clara to watch her receive her diploma. Already having a wonderful job, I have no doubt in my mind that Brenda will make a difference in people’s lives working as a therapist.

To finish off, I will admit, that I am proud of my brother-in-law who will be receiving his teachers credential and with the right opportunity, will begin making a difference in a kid’s life, like I know teachers have made a difference in his.

In the past, I have questioned my ability to do things…I questioned myself in College, in my career, and I now wonder what Graduate school will be like. But it is because of people like this, that I am 100% motivated to try, to reach for the stars, because I believe anything in life is possible. As long as we put in a little bit of work, dedication, we’re persistent, stay motivated, focused! And we surround ourselves by people who share some of their love, ambition and strength because I know I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for my family sharing some of theirs with me.

Congratulations to all the graduates out there! Whether you’re graduating from middle school, high school, or college!

“It is never easy to keep reaching for dreams. Strength and courage can sometimes be lonely friends. But those who do reach the stars, walk in Stardust.” -Unknown