Not a Vegetarian but a Pescetarian

I am officially a PESCETARIAN 🙂

I wrote up an article explaining a little on why I decided to do this, and I also share two articles which better sum up the title, “pescetarian”. I posted them on my other blog, Latina with a mission. Here ya go!


I didn’t title this a step because it is not something I think people trying to pursue health and wellness have to do…yet, it is something I have chosen to.

February 22nd (ash Wednesday and the beginning of Catholic lent) I made the choice of giving up meat for 40 days/40 nights. After the 40 days were up, I decided that I wanted to try to commit to giving up meat for good! What I couldn’t give up, at least not now, is fish and dairy. So I came across the word, “pescetarian”, a person who does not eat red meat or chicken but does eat fish, shrimp, dairy…perfect! In my search for more information on the lifestyle of a pescetarian, why become one? Pros/cons? I came across these articles by Llora Hess.

Why Be Pescetarian?

10 Ways To Become A Successful Pescetarian

I’ve taken baby steps in making this drastic change. It’s been difficult. Any family gathering I go to, I’ve been stuck snacking on salads and pastas while the rest of the guests munch on some of the foods I used to consider, my favorite. The question I often get asked is, why?!?!  There is not one reason as to why….all I know, is that for now, it’s one of the wisest decisions I’ve made for myself. I feel great!