Ever heard of an horchata latte?


Just picture the following… you order an horchata latte, yes! An horchata latte. Like, a latte with a taste of horchata. You sit down, pull out your laptop. Estas escuchando a Vicente Fernandez mientras trabajas un poco en tus miles de proyectos. The environment around the cafe is hipster and trendy… and get this, you’re in el barrio de “Echo Park”.

Ok, now this wasn’t a story at all. This was exactly what I experienced last week. It was Wednesday around 8pm.

This was my second time visiting Tierra Mia and it won’t be the last. The first time around I checked out Tierra Mia in the heart of Los Angeles, in downtown. Thank you Carlos for introducing me to this jewel of a location.

Now that I have the time to explore and learn about Los Angeles, I hope to share a bit on what I come across. Lugares padres, saludables, and anything and everything that reminds me a bit of my cultura.


Joanna R.


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