10 Steps Towards Self-care

Upon graduation, I made it a top priority to take care of myself and practice “self-care”. Why? Well for the past two years, self-care was not something I was too familiar with. I wanted the ultimate balance in life between work and school, priorities and fun. But me wanting it wasn’t enough…. I never slept my eight hours nor did I prioritize myself ever. I wasn’t healthy and I was well aware of it.

For that reason, I will share some of what I’ve been incorporating to my daily routine for the past month.

1. Sleep. Not only sleep but rest. At least 7 hours a night.

2. Read. Reading for the joy of reading.

3. Run. I’ve been running 5 days out of the week, about 3 miles each time.

4. Exercise. Besides running, I’ve been hiking, walking and exploring.

5. Eating healthy. I’ve never been a bad eater, I’m not big on junk food. But I do skip meals and sometimes overeat. I am working on finding a good eating routine.

6. Bucket list. I’ve created a bucket list of things that bring me joy or challenge me… I’ve begun checking some things off.

7. Spending time with those that I love. I’ve been reaching out to all my friends and family members who I haven’t had a chance to spend time with in the recent months/years. Spending time with them brings me ultimate happiness.

8. Meditating. I’m a beginner, but one thing on my bucket list is: “meditate…like really, meditate”.

9. Positive energy. Slowly, trying to rid myself of toxic people, toxic environments, and surrounding myself with positive people and living within a positive environment… a clean and organized home helps.

10. Reaching for the stars. I’ve always been an ambitious one. I am working on doing what I love and working towards achieving my goals.

Listed are ten of the things I’ve been incorporating almost on the daily. It is so important to work towards achieving our dreams and work extremely hard, but it is more important to lead a healthy lifestyle. What is the point of having “all that we want” if we’re not enjoying it? Being healthy allows us to smile and be extra energetic. Make your own list and practice self-care.

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  1. i like number 7 haber cuando nos encontramos otra vez o el destino nos cruze caminos. Porque cada vez que yo te veo , it brings joy and hapiness to my life. ANd thats just by looking at you.