(Quick) Social Media 411

Quick post!

Attention Journalists, bloggers, Reporters, Editors, Producers…. You have a twitter account, you tweet every so often and you MAYBE have a Facebook account. Not enough! As we say goodbye to television, radio, & newspapers… we say hello to digital media! The great thing is, we are now able to take journalism to a completely different level…you just need the right tools AND these tools are available on your cell. Yes, I’m talking about applications or APPS.


So here we go, do you have a:

Twitter, Facebook & Tumblr (if you don’t, I don’t even know what to say….)

Google Plus account (way behind if you don’t)

Spundge (Journalist friendly)

Storify (Market everything in one location)

Instagram (market your brand)

Vine APP (fun video editing, can be used for news/advertising)

Viddy (another fun video editing app but this one has FILTERS)

Ustream (Live stream using your phone)

Pinterest (market your brand….)

Audioboo (don’t need to purchase a recorder anymore reporters, good/fast quality)

For now that is what I will share. Use social media and cellphone apps to your advantage. I especially recommend all my Multimedia Journalists do so.