Keep an eye out for these marketing trends in 2015

For marketers, the new year brings a new challenge and opportunity to deliver buzzworthy campaigns that will push the needle and drive brands forward. The following are top 10 marketing and public relations trends of 2015:

1. Influencers will continue to be the new celebrity spokespeople. In Dec. 2014, Kendall Jenner was selected as the face of Estee Lauder not only because she is an in-demand and hugely recognized model, but because she represents a digital following of over 32-million and speaks to a new, fresh audience. Influencers will continue to be the face of brands, with their digital following being a major consideration.

2. Authentic content marketing will rule. Marketing efforts will focus on targeting consumers by lifestyle versus obvious product placement. For example, HotelTonight, a mobile booking app for last-minute travel, markets based on appealing to travellers’ needs and lifestyles, authentically demonstrating how their service brings ease to the travel experience.

3. Social media strategies will be deliberate.If you are deliberate, intentional and strategic with your intentions, your results will be greater. Now more than ever we have the tools and understanding to reach our target audiences through the right platforms and messaging. Always think where your audience is and what they care about – for example, there is a different demographic on Facebook versus Instagram. This understanding will help brands create authentic and strategic alignments and engagements through the right platforms.

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