Is Facebook a lot like TV? Well, 60% of millennials get news there

A study found that 61% of millennials get their political news from Facebook, which raises questions about the impact of the social network’s news-feed ranking algorithm

Younger Internet users like to joke about how Facebook “is the new TV,” but in the case of political news consumption that appears to be literally true, according to a new study from the Pew Research Center for Media and Journalism. More than 60% of millennials who were surveyed said that during the previous week they got their political news from Facebook, compared with 37% who got it from TV.

For older members of the “Baby Boom” generation, meanwhile, those figures were almost exactly reversed: about 60 percent of that age group said they got most of their political news from local television, with about 39% saying they got it from Facebook (only 14% of millennials said they got political news from Twitter).

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