Grad School Barbie’s Author Remains Unknown

In 2011, I received an e-mail from my oldest sister.

The e-mail read: Grad School Barbie

That was when I was first introduced to the Barbie that has shaken up graduate students (as well as non-students) worldwide.

At the time (in 2011) my sister was pursuing her own graduate degree… and regardless of her intelligence and her strengths, pursuing an M.A. in psychology was no day in the park for her.

So when I told her that I myself was looking into the possibility of graduate school, I think she felt the need to share exactly what it was the life of a graduate student entailed.

The image of the doll was enough to put a smile on my face…I was amused by the entire thing.

…but it clearly wasn’t enough to hold me back.

I then (in 2011) decided to share theย Barbie on

The title of my entry, “I was considering Grad School…and then I saw this. HILARIOUS”.

Two years later, on a sunday afternoon I come to find that my WordPress site is drawing more viewers than usual. It started off with a few hits… Instant reaction? “Nothing out of the ordinary…from time to time, I exceed the two-hundred views per day with a new entry.”

But, it was on Monday that I came to realize that the traffic was in fact exceeding big numbers. Grad School Barbie had gone viral and it was all being linked back to


October 26: 420 views

October 27: 5,547

October 28: 312, 865

October 29: 840,116

October 30: 462,991

October 31st (1:28pm PT): 95,642

If I haven’t already made it clear….

No, I did not come up with Grad School Barbie….and I don’t know who did!

I’ve spent a few hours doing my own research…. and I have yet to come across the original author.

Grad School Barbie dates back to the year 2000 (on the web at least).

Bloggers (mostly graduate students who relate to the doll) have shared “Grad School Barbie” on their blogs linking to other bloggers who have done the same. Grad School Barbie has drawn students, non-students from various countries, of all different ages, and with very different backgrounds…all because they either find this doll critical and sexist OR because they themselves identify/identified with the doll and find this creation rather humorous.

I have managed to come across ONE site that helps identify grad school Barbie a bit more.

Hope this helps….AND if anyone can help me identify the author…please contact me so that we can give him/her the credit she/he deserves.