You don’t have to be VEGAN to follow a VEGAN diet…

Besides the fact that my research lately has been on health, fitness, and eating habits…I’m slowly growing an appreciation for natural foods and an admiration for vegetarians and vegans.

BUT I am not ready to make that commitment….not yet, that is. BUT still, I might as well consider myself a vegetarian/vegan in the making. Most of what I eat is fresh, not coming from an animal, and it’s definitely not any kind of meat.

Because I have been doing a lot of research on the topic, I am obviously learning a lot. I am therefore, making sure that I am consuming the right amount of iron and protein. That I am not overdoing it with the pastas, sugars, or salts. Also, I am slowly trying to eliminate DAIRY from my diet.

Because I am a graduate student who spends 90% of her time at school or working on school projects, assignments, readings, research…I haven’t been dedicating enough time to the gym or to fitness. My workouts have gone down to two times a week. That is ok though, two times a week is healthy.

For those of you who find yourselves in the same situation as myself….not quite ready to commit to such a strict diet. TAKE BABY STEPS 🙂 Here is a great, friendly guide that I came across earlier today. Hope it helps 😉

Not a Vegetarian but a Pescetarian

I am officially a PESCETARIAN 🙂

I wrote up an article explaining a little on why I decided to do this, and I also share two articles which better sum up the title, “pescetarian”. I posted them on my other blog, Latina with a mission. Here ya go!


I didn’t title this a step because it is not something I think people trying to pursue health and wellness have to do…yet, it is something I have chosen to.

February 22nd (ash Wednesday and the beginning of Catholic lent) I made the choice of giving up meat for 40 days/40 nights. After the 40 days were up, I decided that I wanted to try to commit to giving up meat for good! What I couldn’t give up, at least not now, is fish and dairy. So I came across the word, “pescetarian”, a person who does not eat red meat or chicken but does eat fish, shrimp, dairy…perfect! In my search for more information on the lifestyle of a pescetarian, why become one? Pros/cons? I came across these articles by Llora Hess.

Why Be Pescetarian?

10 Ways To Become A Successful Pescetarian

I’ve taken baby steps in making this drastic change. It’s been difficult. Any family gathering I go to, I’ve been stuck snacking on salads and pastas while the rest of the guests munch on some of the foods I used to consider, my favorite. The question I often get asked is, why?!?!  There is not one reason as to why….all I know, is that for now, it’s one of the wisest decisions I’ve made for myself. I feel great!


Salad in a jar

imageThe best idea and my latest obsession, salad in a jar!!!! Believe it or not, you can prepare five salads on a sunday night, leave them sitting in your refrigerator, and have them tasting FRESH and DELICIOUS  for when you decide to pop one open!

I didn’t believe it, I gave it a shot and now, I’m obsessed with the idea. No more, “I didn’t have time to prepare myself a healthy lunch so I have to eat fast food” excuses.

There are a few “Salad in a Jar” recipes, I liked this one the best…