Embracing My Pescatarian Lifestyle

Embracing My Pescatarian Lifestyle

This Latina (me) right here has reached 2+ years of living the Pescatarian lifestyle. No carne… solo pescado y camaron. No red meat, no chicken, no turkey. No cheat days, no “sometimes I eat chicken”, nada.

So having come this far, I’ve recently made an effort to give it all up y seguir una dietaย vegetariana. I’ve attempted to make the change once, twice, three times. Every single time I somehow end up back in a japanese restaurant ordering “sashimi please” and a “spicy tuna roll”. Or of course, “salmon and avocado salad”.

I just can’t do it. Not now.

So, I’m embracing the fact that I am a pescatarian and that I will continue to be a pescatarian for the time being. I am no foodie blogger, or the type of blogger que va de restaurante a restaurante y comenta sobre su experiencia en cada lugar. “Me gusto esto… pero no esto”. Yet, I have been exploring the city of L.A. lately and I have come across certain places that I feel are just too good not to share on.

El caso con Twist Eatery.

I went to Twist Eatery Sunday midday. Met up with a friend, walked up to the trendy local spot which looks a bit like a coffee shop but in a more hip and welcoming way… with cool yellow chairs. Walked up to the register, looked up at the menu and explored the options. I went with the salmon salad which was extremely interesting and in the end delicious. Check it out for yourself…


The salad had quinoa with lentils, pineapple, and just a tad bit of dressing… oh and of course it had some greens.

The place is a jewel and it’s in the center of Los Angeles right by the grove. Visita su pagina, su yelp, y tu decides if it’s worth a shot.



Ever heard of an horchata latte?

Ever heard of an horchata latte?


Just picture the following… you order an horchata latte, yes! An horchata latte. Like, a latte with a taste of horchata. You sit down, pull out your laptop. Estas escuchando a Vicente Fernandez mientras trabajas un poco en tus miles de proyectos. The environment around the cafe is hipster and trendy… and get this, you’re in el barrio de “Echo Park”.

Ok, now this wasn’t a story at all. This was exactly what I experienced last week. It was Wednesday around 8pm.

This was my second time visiting Tierra Mia and it won’t be the last. The first time around I checked out Tierra Mia in the heart of Los Angeles, in downtown. Thank you Carlos for introducing me to this jewel of a location.

Now that I have the time to explore and learn about Los Angeles, I hope to share a bit on what I come across. Lugares padres, saludables, and anything and everything that reminds me a bit of my cultura.


Joanna R.


Part Vegan… for a month!

Another long over-due blog entry! I am a full-time graduate student, and a working woman who puts way too much on her plate. Please donโ€™t judge ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, I wanted to share on my experience of going VEGAN for a month. The month of January, I promised myself I would give it a shot, not because I feel I am prepared to make that drastic change…I did it as a way to cleanse my body. I also thought it would be a challenging experience.


So, as I began to investigate, I realized that a vegan diet is EXTREMELY limitedโ€ฆand I felt that it was something too extreme for me, for now that is. Remember, itโ€™s about taking BABY STEPS. Then, I decided I would follow a partial vegan diet. I eliminated eggs, cheese, and milk.

If anything eggs was my biggest challenge, I am big on egg protein, I have eggs about three times a week (yes, Iโ€™m ashamed). Cheese, I substituted regular cheese for vegan cheese and let me tell you, vegan cheese tastes very similarโ€ฆthis was definitely not a problem for me. The price of vegan cheese is also about the same price of regular cheese (yay!). Milk, milk was the least of my worries; I am big on soy milk.

After attempting the vegan diet for a few days, I failed! It must have been two weeks into the month of January when I accidentally bit into a jalapeรฑo popper ๐Ÿ™ that was obviously filled with cheese! I didnโ€™t call it quits, I kept on going with the challenge and took that as a simple accident. I failed two or three more times but my effort to complete the vegan diet lasted up until the last day of January.


Do I recommend this? I do. Why? Because I feel that by taking on challenges such as this one helps you slowly eliminate โ€œthe bad stuffโ€. I have not gone back to regular cheese and I have soy milk sitting in my fridge. It felt good to give up some of these โ€œfattyโ€ choices, I felt skinny ๐Ÿ™‚ and I felt/feel healthier.

Next challenge? I am giving up alcohol for the next 40 days/40 nights starting tomorrow. I am catholic and tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. Wish me luck!