Side Hustling & That Full-Time Job 🙅🏻

Side Hustling & That Full-Time Job 🙅🏻

Working a full-time job and trying to get your hustle on is no joke.

Plain and simple…

On top of that, you’re trying to live a balanced life, look good, and stay sane. I mean, “Geeeeezus!” (exclamation, exclamation). I started my blog in 2010, I didn’t think much of it…I was graduating college and I wanted a job doing what I loved. I had no experience and I needed it…so, I started my blog. I wrote, kept writing, and the more I dedicated to it, the more visits my blog got. Slowly but surely, the emails started coming in, the questions and the opportunities. What I first thought of as a hobby, quickly became a side hustle.

Flash forward to an older me, older reality and a full-time job…I took a few months off recently. Not too long ago, I shared an Instagram post with a caption that read “you really do need to be passionate enough to dedicate so much time to a side hustle (the blog)”, that’s no lie. So, how does one do it, especially when you have a full-time job? As Gary Vaynerchuk recently explained in his latest You Tube vid, “you have to start documenting instead of creating…start”. His motto, just do it! So, below I share a few tips that may or may not help. If you have any questions after this, please feel free to reach out. If I can’t help, I promise to direct you to a person that can.

Do It, Mess up, Fix It, Do It Again…

When I first started blogging, blogging wasn’t what it is today. There wasn’t much help out there. So, in my case…I did a lot of trial and error. Now, you have tons of free resources out there. Still, I’d say take it as an example but find your own way of doing. What may be the “recipe to success” for someone may not work for you. First step, start doing, start trying…mess up and try again.


Those who are doing it and doing something good with it, aren’t putting in an hour a week. It takes a whole lot of commitment. Lately, I’ve been working on skipping a day at the gym to focus strictly on brainstorming and writing. Another day or two a week, I’m dedicating to photographing. What’s your work flow like and how much are you willing to commit?

Find Your Flow

Everyone has a different schedule, different goals in mind…what are yours and what will work for you? Try a few different things and I’m sure you’ll eventually come to a flow that works for you. Along with that, find the niche you’re most passionate about and find your voice and vision. Imitating is easy and the easy route is usually short-lived.

Ask for Help

You may or may not have made it this far down my blog post…if you have, you’re clearly looking for help and finding ways to get started or improve (yay!). Personally, I also study others’ work and see ways I can do it myself. Facebook communities for blogging are a great way to connect and ask questions to those with more experience…seminars and conferences are my fave though. Never stop learning, never stop asking for help. I am also constantly asking my friends, sisters, boyfriend for help in brainstorming and editing my work. It’s never really only one person doing it.

Take It Day by Day

My personal blog and brand are what I have put the most work into…along the way, I launched two, three, four different projects and blogs. Some did better than others, my personal brand is just the one I cared about the most, the one where I was able to be my genuine self and the one that’s given me the most satisfaction. I constantly tell myself this one thing, and so I’ll repeat it to you… “take it day by day”.

Questions, comments? Show me some love in the comments or shoot me a tweet, @Joanna_Renteria. XOXO

Pescatarian for Four Years, This Is How I Get My Protein

<b>Pescatarian</b> for Four Years, This Is How I Get <i>My Protein</i>

This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Kura and Latina Bloggers Connect; all opinions expressed are my own. 

February of 2016, I reached my four years as a pescatarian. This basically means that I’ve followed a meat-less diet for the past few years, excluding fish (I occasionally eat fish). A latina, I think my family’s biggest worry about me changing my diet to what it is, was that I’d either get sick or starve myself daily. In all honesty, I am healthier now and I feel better than I did in my earlier 20s, all thanks to my fitness routine and diet.

Now, if you follow me on Snapchat (ladyjo), you have a pretty good idea as to how I start my day and what routine looks like. Every morning, I introduce my 5am snap (at times, 6am) followed by a workout recap, “Spinning was amazing!”. Within the next 30-40 minutes, I get my dose of protein to replenish my body and get me energized. This is super important to me; if I don’t eat right or enough after a workout, it will affect my body and mind for the remainder of the day.

My alternative? When I don’t have a chance to dedicate 20+ minutes to making myself a well-balanced breakfast and sit for another 15+ minutes to enjoy it; I have a protein shake. I’ve developed a recipe that works for me; it’s quick enough, healthy, and adds a little extra boost of energy to get my day going. I call it the “Jo on-the-go protein shake recipe,” and below I share the ingredients you will need and the time it will take you to make.

Ingredients - Recipe

What you will need:

  • 3 (or 4) strawberries
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 cup of ice
  • 1 tablespoon of chia seeds
  • 1 sachet (or 2 scoops) of Kura chocolate smoothie powder

How much time will it take you?

  • 5-7 minutes


  • Place ingredients into a blender. Based on preference, feel free to add more ice or strawberries to your smoothie. Blend until creamy. Enjoy!

I choose to add water instead of milk (eliminates calories and I prefer the taste). I also add chia seeds to add extra protein; chia seeds are rich in fiber and antioxidants, as well as essential minerals like calcium and iron. Kura is my go-to for protein because it’s GMO and gluten-free, it is full of 4B probiotics, 26 vitamins and minerals, omega 3s, and antioxidants. Also, a major plus for me is that it’s grass-fed dairy protein.

Now, in honor of me reaching my four years as a pescatarian, I invite you to try the “Jo on-the-go recipe” and give Kura protein a shot. Here’s a code (KURAKURA) to get you $5 off your first purchase on Amazon; deal valid until 4/30. If you have any other questions or stories to share, I’d love hear them! Shoot me a tweet or comment below.


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Kura. The opinions and text are all mine.

Dealing With Rejection and Turning That No Into A “Try Again”

Dealing With Rejection and Turning That <b>No</b> Into A <i>“Try Again”</i>

Last week, I spent two entire days at the #WeAllGrow Blogger Summit in Long Beach. This was the second time the annual conference would be taking place, and it was my first time attending.

“I like to call this more of a retreat than a conference,” words I heard from another blogger.

True? Looking back, I can confirm it.

Now, while much was shared and a lot was learned, it was listening to a keynote’s speech and a panel moderated by her that I felt moved, inspired, and relieved.

The topic of discussion was rejection.

Was I alone? Absolutely not. For the next hour, “blogueras” listened, questioned, expressed, and shared. See, bloggers are pretty much entrepreneurs and business owners. The word “no” is something we’re all too familiar with. Some don’t see bloggers as professional writers or journalists, I say we’re all storytellers. We all have a different voice, a different outlet, and while we’re all trying to reach a specific audience, we often face rejection for years or months before we ever receive a “yes”.

Rejection is an extremely difficult thing to deal with, at the end of the day, we’re all human.

With that said, I’ve gathered some notes from what I found most inspiring in hopes that you will begin looking at rejection as only a challenge, an opportunity, and not a closed-door.

“No means not right now”

Have you come across the phrase, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”? We can all discuss patience, but we all know how tough it really is to wait. However, at many times we have to grow and flourish before we can be ready for that one opportunity. When you get that no, take is a “not right now” instead.

“Don’t take a ‘no’ personally…be patient and prepared”

Easier said than done, right? When I started off in the journalism field and as a blogger, I shed tears every time I wasn’t offered that job I wanted or that campaign I thought I was perfect for. Now, I take every no as a challenge; maybe I need to better prepare myself, am I working hard enough? Ask yourself these questions and never take it personally.

“You have to be eternally patient for anything you want to achieve”

I am a strong believer in fate; I would have never started blogging if I hadn’t been told that I needed more experience writing. I would have never sought out a blogging community and I would have never met all the amazing women that I have. When our grandmother says, “lo bueno toma tiempo”… she might just be right.

“Embrace fear, let it out, fear is your friend” 

Anything that is outside of our comfort zone is a bit scary, but anything that is out of our comfort zone will help us grow. Some of the most confident, talented and successful people I know embody fear. One of my good friends is a TV reporter, I remember asking her a few years back if she still got nervous (she had years of experience); she said, “The day I stop feeling nervous is the day I quit my job”. Think about it.

“Don’t be afraid of the follow-up,  and pitch another idea. Turn one yes,  into more”

Follow-up emails are scary, if you’re lucky you will receive a response, usually that will be a “not this time around”. Whatever the case might be, you NEED to send that follow-up email, regardless of the situation. Show your interest; you might get a “yes”, and that “yes”might just be your ticket in.

If you’re a blogger or entrepreneur and you have something to add, I’d love to hear it! Feel free to comment below or shoot me a tweet, @Joanna_Renteria.