What To Do On Valentine’s Day If I’m Single?


It’s almost Valentine’s Day… and maybe two or three years back, this blog post would’ve said something like this:

“Valentine’s Day isn’t a real holiday… why do people make such a big deal out of it? I mean, is love even real?” LOL.

That grumpy and bitter JO is no longer existent. Last year, I had an amazing weekend with one of my besties who happened to fly all the way to Los Angeles just to see and spend time with me. It was fab. In spanish, valentine’s day is celebrated as “día del amor y la amistad”. You celebrate love and friendship. So instead, this time around I thought, “why not give other singles advice?” I then aimed at seeking and sharing advice from other singles, men and women!

So you ask, “what to do on Valentine’s Day if I’m single?”


Women suggest the following:

“Treat yourself! You see that chocolate…buy it. Want that teddy bear…buy it. Love fresh flowers…buy it. Want those diamond studs…buy it. Hell, want something sexy but you think it’s pointless because there’s no one at home to see it?…Wrong!! Buy it!”


“We have to remember that Valentine’s Day is not only for couples but for friends too! So don’t dwell because you’re single, smile because you get to celebrate it with more than one person! As a single gal i love splurging on my parents. I don’t have to spend on anyone else, so why not spend on my favorite couple! But as for me, i go out with my friends guys and girls and we just have fun like any other day!”
“Being my first year as a single pringle, Id say the best idea is to go out to a nice dinner with people you love, such as a close group of friends, siblings, family, etc. and enjoy their company with a few drinks. You’ll still be sharing this day with special people.”
“Treating yourself to a day of all the things you like. Like going out and doing something you like and eating everything you like lol.”
“Movie night with other single friends. Or get f***** up with other single friends.”


“Smoke and drink with your single friends & go watch 50 shades of grey… Then, go home and cry about how single you are, although all these other guys want you.”


OK… Maybe you shouldn’t take ALL the advice given to you.


…and men suggest:


“Early morning workout session, adding an extra set for all the girls that decided not to hit you back. Watching every action movie known to man. Eating a 22oz steak with a tall can of beer. Try and hang out with friends before they try and do the cute valentine day thing. Hit the bar in the evening and maybe try and buy a girl a drink. (Sympathy v-day drink) Spend at least 10 mins on the phone with your mother because she is the most important valentine ever. Maybe hope you don’t break tinder from swiping too much.” 


“Tip for single men to do on Valentine’s Day? Call your mom. Send her flowers. Girls come and go, but mom is for life.”


“God will keep breaking your heart until it opens. Every struggle, every challenge, every adversity brings you closer to your heart, to your true self, to who you really are. Sometimes you have to be broken down to the point where you feel powerless to discover your ultimate and true power…. “


OK…. I don’t think this guy understood the concept of this thing, but hey… he tried? Sounds like he has a good heart :). 


“Share time with the people you currently love, mother, daughter, brother. Focus on the people currently in your life? Do not go on a date on valentines day, but do spend time celebrating the people you love.”


“Probably u asked the wrong person but… single or in a relationship, take Valentine’s Day just like any other day, nothing special. I’m going hiking this Saturday which happens to be the 14th of February.”


“Go to a bar with your other single friends! I’m sure it’s the easiest day of the year to meet a single girl!!”


“Valentine’s Day, treat it as if it’s any other day OR make it your day, including your favorite movie trilogy, and enjoy a meal with good friends.”

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