To Blog is to Express & Share

Blog: a Web site containing the writer’s or group of writers’ own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other Web sites.

To Blog: add new material to or regularly update a blog.

I am a blogger.

I wanted to feature three of my dear friends who are in fact… BLOGGERS.

They are a bit different though, and I always remind them of their talent.

Jesus Araujo:

He knows all pop-culture. He is extremely creative. He knows what’s #trending before it’s even trending. The boy is Latino, he’s bilingual, and he’s from Ventura county. Jesus can write, but he can also work a camera. See for yourself.

Griselda Flores:

Born in the United States, raised in México… but grew up in Chicago. She is a very talented writer with an opinion of her own. She prefers to communicate, write, and develop her thoughts in Spanish, which you don’t come across often… not in the “blogging world”. Griselda loves fashion, vintage…. but she also loves soccer and sports. A unique latina all wrapped in one.

Brenda Sotelo:

How many of us would really take the risk of leaving the states to move to Costa Rica… alone? Brenda is a bilingual journalist and blogger who shares on her experiences working in Central America. She is a Latina, a woman (obviously), and a Journalist who shares on what we usually wouldn’t- Meditation, feminism, and prostitution.