Times are changing, times have changed! …and the journalism that we once knew is different, it’s all in a period of transition.

Why? How? Bueno…

Everything is online. Podemos encontrar todo a través de la internet y claro las redes sociales.



This changes the following:

  • We know more and want to know more. Queremos toda la información al instante.


  • It all moves so quickly! Our brain works a bit like twitter….. if you don’t get our attention instantly, you’ve lost us! 140 characters? That’s a bit long.


  • 3:00 television news clips or PKG= old and boring.


  • Think outside the box and have it be creative and quick! Intrigue us.


giphy (1)


  • We don’t work from JUST an office, we’re also or should be on the go! Usamos o deberíamos usar nuestro celular para compartir información. What’s trending?


  • Power to the people! We don’t just GIVE the readers, viewers, followers information. We NEED their information to make it all happen. What do YOU think about this, that? Share? Opinions? Tag!


  • Periodistas/Journalists…. I googled you and found NOTHING. Your online portfolio is your portfolio. End of story.


  • You have a twitter account ok…. you have a facebook. BUT the real question is, how active are you? Do you interact? Can you code? Do you blog? Get started.


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This was a summary brought to you by ME of things I’ve studied, researched, discovered (still discovering) all within the past year or so.

More of this to come at random times.