Just a lil crazy

Author: Jesus Araujo/@jesusttw

She is gonna ask questions.
She has to be willing to question me when she pleases. Yea, we might yell and go back and forth, but she is just making sure I’m doing what I need to do.

She is not gonna be afraid to live.
Sometimes I might just want to hang out at home and not do a damn thing. But she be nagging about doing something out in the world, a world that has a lot of possibilities and doing nothing all day is not on the agenda.

She is always gonna be watching.
I tell her time after time, “you have nothing to worry about, she’s just a friend.” She’ll let me know how many mutual friends we have, how many followers she got, how many times she can’t take a damn selfie. Her eyes are always open.

She might hit you.
Every now and then,  I might forget an anniversary, parental birthday, maybe just forget to pick her up… now that isn’t the issue, the issue comes up when you try to explain it to her. Her mind works so fast, she already figured it all out before you could come up with a thought. She isn’t physically gonna put hands on you, but verbally, the jabs and hooks are going to be flying.

She might talk your ear off.
Everything she reads, favorite shoes, hints about sexual positions, what ticks her off, god knows she loves foods. EVERYTHING about her life. How her dad was never there for her. Maybe even about how her mom and how they became best friends over the years, her best friend that back stabbed her and took her man in 9th grade. All these things that make you wonder how you fit in her world.

She might be mad one day and endlessly in love with you the next.
Crazy is just another way to say passion.
It’s another way to show how much love you are in.
Anything is possible.
She will do anything to make you happy.
She isn’t afraid to put herself out there and risk it all.

She might just be a bit crazy, and I absolutely love it.