Embracing My Pescatarian Lifestyle

This Latina (me) right here has reached 2+ years of living the Pescatarian lifestyle. No carne… solo pescado y camaron. No red meat, no chicken, no turkey. No cheat days, no “sometimes I eat chicken”, nada.

So having come this far, I’ve recently made an effort to give it all up y seguir una dietaย vegetariana. I’ve attempted to make the change once, twice, three times. Every single time I somehow end up back in a japanese restaurant ordering “sashimi please” and a “spicy tuna roll”. Or of course, “salmon and avocado salad”.

I just can’t do it. Not now.

So, I’m embracing the fact that I am a pescatarian and that I will continue to be a pescatarian for the time being. I am no foodie blogger, or the type of blogger que va de restaurante a restaurante y comenta sobre su experiencia en cada lugar. “Me gusto esto… pero no esto”. Yet, I have been exploring the city of L.A. lately and I have come across certain places that I feel are just too good not to share on.

El caso con Twist Eatery.

I went to Twist Eatery Sunday midday. Met up with a friend, walked up to the trendy local spot which looks a bit like a coffee shop but in a more hip and welcoming way… with cool yellow chairs. Walked up to the register, looked up at the menu and explored the options. I went with the salmon salad which was extremely interesting and in the end delicious. Check it out for yourself…


The salad had quinoa with lentils, pineapple, and just a tad bit of dressing… oh and of course it had some greens.

The place is a jewel and it’s in the center of Los Angeles right by the grove. Visita su pagina, su yelp, y tu decides if it’s worth a shot.