Believe In Your Own Journey Or No One Else Will

Mid to late twenties… at this point in our lives we are either engaged, soon to be engaged, or still trying to achieve our goals and dreams all by the time we hit 30 (this one is me). Cause you know what they say, “If you don’t get it done by 30, it’ll just be 3x harder later on”…or maybe you’ve never heard this before (I might have made this one up). But doesn’t it feel like the clock is ticking and whatever we want to put our 100 in must get done sooner than later? (like now)

Well it sure feels that way for me, and for some of my closest friends and colleagues.

We are either trying to break the next big story, become the next big thing, or come out with the next big thing (like an app or a site). We either want to make ‘moola’ or we want to be “someone important” (maybe both). So we hustle, hustle, hustle, and convince ourselves that we’re doing “the right thing.” 

If we take a look back at some really cool people who have accomplished really cool things (just think of someone like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg), I believe it’s fair to say that they all had/have something in common… they believed in “it” when no one else did. 

Ever come across that saying, “first they laugh, then they copy?” (I didn’t make this one up). I can somehow relate to that one. Ever since I could remember I’ve been pushing others to join in on the social media bandwagon and learn how to market themselves, market their brand, push their stories, connect with others digitally etc. (Short story coming up) I remember going into a job interview back when I was a recent college grad, I believe I was 21, and I was trying to convince a Sacramento Television Director that social media was the next big thing. I questioned him and asked him why they didn’t have a Facebook page, being that they were part of a major network and all… funny thing is, they didn’t hire me for the position but a month later I did come across their newly launched Facebook page (score!). That has been a similar pattern in my journey, all things linked to web and social media; me trying to convince others, teaching, showing its potential, learning, growing, and sharing that with others. 

At one point, I wasn’t sure where I was headed and what I wanted to do, because although I knew journalism was my thing, I knew I didn’t want to be “just another TV reporter” sitting in front of a prompter reading a script. Plus, I didn’t see much of a future in it anyway. So the moment I learned that I could dedicate myself to learning and living off the one thing I believed in, I was in 100. Although there is much more to my journey than just web and social media, there is one thing I am now certain of…

Believing in your own journey is the most important thing. 

It works like a business proposal; imagine presenting an idea to someone who doesn’t understand or want to believe in what you’re saying. You have to sell it, you have to convince him/her that what you’re saying is real. Why would anyone want to invest any time or money in something they don’t believe in? You HAVE to be the first to believe in it. I also say 100 because I don’t believe you can go in with 40 or 50 or 60 and expect great, the number is 100. 

So when friends or colleagues have asked me, “should I? could I? will I succeed? In my head I’m thinking… “uhm, I don’t know”. But my response is “if you’re going to do it, go at it 100 or don’t do it”. If you’re already questioning whether or not you’ll fail, think of the energy you’re already putting out into the universe. 

So while I continue on my path (hoping that I accomplish some stuff before I hit 30 jeje), I will continue to believe in it more than anyone else (even when they call me crazy). 

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