8 Healthy Habits I Picked Up This Year

When I learned that exercise and following a healthy diet made me happier, more energetic, and motivated, I wanted to be the healthiest person alive. Now, being the healthiest person alive, although possible (maybe), is a bit extreme and not so realistic for me. With a busy schedule and big dreams, I did however, want to make sure that I had the energy necessary and the motivation needed to pursue my goals.

I’ve made my health a priority, workouts a routine, and learning a necessity.

While last year was a year of transition for me, this year has been dedicated to adapting and growing, in all aspects of life.

I’m happy to conclude 2015 being able to say that I’ve committed myself to picking up some healthy habits, making them a part of my daily and weekly routine. Below, I’ve listed eight.

1. Setting my alarm at 6:30am…every day

I don’t work a 9-5 job; being able to create somewhat of a routine for myself has helped me stay on top of my duties and accomplish what I need to earlier on in the day. Saturdays and Sundays are no exception (most of the time).

2. Working out in the morning

I never thought I’d find it easier to hit the gym in the a.m. but doing so has given me more energy and motivation. I highly recommend it!

3. Taking time off of social media 

My job consists of me being on social media so this has been a bit difficult to do. Taking an hour break from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram feels like a weeklong vacation in paradise, and paradise is nice.

4. Reading an article a day

Some people stick to books, I read an article from a different publication on a different topic daily. Doing so keeps me motivated and intrigued.

5. Setting limits on my caffeine intake 

If you’ve come across my Instagram, you know I’m a coffee lover… but I’ve learned to stick to one cup a day and to eliminate all creamers and sugars. This keeps me going but not jittery.

6. More time for friends

It should never be all work, you need some play time. Meeting up with old friends and doing things you wouldn’t typically do has given me some degree of balance.

7. Getting sleep

“In order to keep energized and motivated, you need to make sure you get your sleep”,  is what I’ve always been told and I believe it to be true. If getting 8 hours of sleep daily isn’t possible, I make sure it happens at least two or three times throughout the week.

8. Saying no 

As I’ve mentioned before, balance is key. You’re not superman, I’m not superwoman, I do at times have to say no and that’s ok.

So, cheers to a new year full of many new accomplishments and healthy habits!