10 Brands That Inspire Me… & What They’ve Taught Me

Once an aspiring broadcast journalist, in 2014, I made the decision of putting all my eggs in one OTHER basket. The basket of social media, branding, blogging, web, and journalism… because those who are working in web, social media, and marketing KNOW that this one basket has now merged all fields into one (thanks to the web).

So, I had been blogging since 2010 and subconsciously, I had learned and taught myself a bunch of things that I now get to teach others and do for a living (yeah, I get paid to do this). BUT, although I knew much (I even developed a graduate school thesis on the topic), my experience wasn’t much (besides my brand). AND, because my emphasis was and is on the Latino/Spanish-speaking community, I had (have) a challenge. Who do I learn from and how the hell do I get inspired? (someone give me an Advil).

Well, my challenge continues… but being based in Los Ángeles, surrounded by some of the most creative people, I have stumbled upon brands that have blown my mind and who I’ve learned to admire, study, and learn from. Surprisingly, these brands consists of young creative minds who to some extent are also entrepreneurs (go figure).  So, for now… I’ll share those brands with you, in hopes that you too can get inspired doing whatever it is that you do (maybe it’s social media, if so, HIT ME UP). Here ya go!


1.  Levi Maestro — “Work hard, stay humble”. Share your experiences w/others. 

2.  Lauren Conrad — “No need for one niche… cover different topics, but do it well”.

Lauren Conrad


3. Song of Style/ Aimee Song — She taught me how to take really good instagram pictures. Have you checked out her YouTube channel? 

Song of Style


4. Patty Rodriguez — “Make it cool, make it simple”. I’m a fan of Patty’s because I feel like she’s a brand I identify with… es mexicana y sus fotos lo reflejan.  


Alexander’s taco truck is on point! #toytruck A photo posted by patty rodriguez™ (@pattyrodriguez) on

5. Bobby Hundreds — “Make your passion your everything”. Co-owner of ‘The Hundreds’, he’s my latest obsession. Have you come across his blog?

The Hundreds

6. Negin Mirsalehi — “Cater in ALL languages”. This is very ambitious, but it can be done. Negin does it with blogging on products, fashion, travel. 


7. The Native Fox/ Jennifer Grace — “Sexiness sells…but that doesn’t mean you have to be trashy”. She masters this and fashion. 



#today ☁️


A photo posted by Jennifer Grace (@thenativefox) on


8. Pistol Schurman — “Be Yourself”. Just check out her IG. PLEASE!


“Hold up. Who’s this bitch over here?” -pippin A photo posted by Pistol (@pistolschurman) on


  9.  XoXo Lizza/ Lizza Monel Morales — “What’s your trademark?”. Whatever it is, make it known… on all social media platforms. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 3.51.19 PM



10.  Blessed are the Meek — “Less is more”…. it just looks better. 

Blessed are the meek


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OH! And if there are any brands that inspire YOU, and you would like to share…leave a comment! ¡Besos!