Hey, Hey!

Hey hey, Jo here! Thanks for stopping by. 🙋🏽

Blog, website, I call this my creative space and if you’re here then you probably know a little bit about me. If not, let me share some fun facts. 

〰 Spanish is my first language. While I was born and raised in Cali, my parents were born and raised in Jalisco, México. They taught me Spanish & it wasn’t until I was in first or second grade that I started learning English. I love writing in Spanish and I feel it’s the language I best express myself in romantically.

〰 I like to consider myself a hopeless writer. Hopeless because I’m not sure where my love for writing will take me, maybe nowhere.  I’m no Gabriel García Márquez, but I do hope to one day write a romance novel (even if that means my husband is the only one that reads it). 

〰 Pescatarian. I was following a meatless diet for five and a half years…not doing that anymore, but I do write about my experience and hope to do so even more in the future. Meat, no meat, health, and fitness are all topics of interest.

I was once an aspiring TV Reporter. True true…I got my foot in the door, had a few gigs, covered the Pan American Games, reported live and everything. With tech emerging as the source of communication, I made a career change and now I work in Digital Marketing. 

〰 I left my heart in San Francisco a few years back. So, after living in Southern California, I am back in the bay and loving every moment of it. Hoping to share more and more of my love for this city in coming blog posts.

〰 Middle child syndrome, I have it. My two best friends are my sisters, but I think I owe a lot of my oversharing to them. 

There you have it. No third-person description of myself, just some fun facts. I created this blog as a space to share my creativity & I’ve been doing that since 2010….written by me, inspired by all the things I love.