American Educated and Mexican Cultivated

So you somehow landed here! You either know me... or you're curious to know. ¡Hola! Mi nombre es Joanna, soy Latina, bilingüe, periodista... and I specialize in Social Media. I am based out of Los Angeles but my love and soul is in northern Cali and sometimes México. I'm a bicultural tech geek and this site is a reflection of that. Have fun explorando!


It just hit me… like a light switch going on.  That I was happy.  I was sitting in my grandmothers living room, in México. I was surrounded by beautiful people who brought ultimate joy to my life. This kind of love, is the kind of love that I needed and appreciated, and felt more than grateful to have. I had…


How Soon Is Too Soon?

Answering the modern day question that every girl wants to know… how soon is too soon? We’ve read the stories, we’ve seen the “novelas” or soap operas, we’ve lived it!!!… but what is prince charming really thinking? Monday night brought together three curious minds, three females (ages: 24, 26, 26). We dared to dig into the minds of the men…


How My Latino Family Does Christmas Differently

I can relate to this write-up on so many levels. Christmas isn’t the ONLY holiday that is different, try NYE. I’ve never had that experience of counting down with my “besties”, introducing a new year, because I’ve always done it with my family… around a dinner table where once 12 o clock strikes, we exchange hugs and kisses and eat a…