American Educated and Mexican Cultivated

In 2010, I first launched this site with the idea of writing and sharing. Since then it's evolved into something else that I'm not sure what to call it anymore. I am a journalist, I'm Latina y soy bilingüe. Call me a blogger? No se. This site features all that is me and all that I love, that includes health, fitness, technology, cultura, education, and growth... have fun exploring! ¡Saludos!

old vs new


Times are changing, times have changed! …and the journalism that we once knew is different, it’s all in a period of transition. Why? How? Bueno… Everything is online. Podemos encontrar todo a través de la internet y claro las redes sociales.   This changes the following: We know more and want to know more. Queremos toda la información y a…

Northern california

10 Steps Towards Self-care

Upon graduation, I made it a top priority to take care of myself and practice “self-care”. Why? Well for the past two years, self-care was not something I was too familiar with. I wanted the ultimate balance in life between work and school, priorities and fun. But me wanting it wasn’t enough…. I never slept my eight hours nor did I…


Shakira. Este blog es dedicado a la Shakira de 1995.

SHAKIRA, NO SHAK…. te extraño y se que no soy la unica.

I NEED you to know that you got me through my teenage breakups, aún lo haces.

En cuanto busco esa necesidad de escuchar música que en verdad tiene algún significado

IN SPANISH, busco mis favoritas canciones:

NO, Pies descalzos, Antologia, Estoy aquí etc.

You changed and I hope to cross paths with you’re oh so weird but memorable lyrics one day.