American Educated and Mexican Cultivated

So you somehow landed here! You either know me... or you're curious to know. ¡Hola! Mi nombre es Joanna, soy Latina, bilingüe, periodista... and I specialize in Social Media. I am based out of Los Angeles but my love and soul is in northern Cali and sometimes México. I'm a bicultural tech geek and this site is a reflection of that. Have fun explorando!


How My Latino Family Does Christmas Differently

I can relate to this write-up on so many levels. Christmas isn’t the ONLY holiday that is different, try NYE. I’ve never had that experience of counting down with my “besties”, introducing a new year, because I’ve always done it with my family… around a dinner table where once 12 o clock strikes, we exchange hugs and kisses and eat a…

Northern california

10 Steps Towards Self-care

Upon graduation, I made it a top priority to take care of myself and practice “self-care”. Why? Well for the past two years, self-care was not something I was too familiar with. I wanted the ultimate balance in life between work and school, priorities and fun. But me wanting it wasn’t enough…. I never slept my eight hours nor did I…